English Philology

FULL TIME and PART TIME English BA programme



If you want to be well prepared to face the challenges of a highly competitive job market, study English Philology at Opole University. This is the place where students gain advanced knowledge of language, literature, and culture and history of English-speaking countries as well as practical language skills at a high C1 proficiency level of CEFR for languages. Moreover, within their study programme the students may choose an educational path through elective courses that will add competence to their general academic education. Full time studies offer such elective modules as: Culture Studies, Translation Studies, English and Spanish or English and Italian, expanding their employment options in the future. Part time studies focus solely on Business English to comply with the job market requirements of already working students.

The classes on full time studies are held from Monday through Friday. The classes on part time studies are planned for every Saturday and selected Sundays. All lecturers are available to students during their office hours to discuss academic issues relating to their courses.

BA studies finish with a BA defense and a BA degree. Undergraduate studies in English Philology prepare candidates for graduate studies in a similar field.



A professional team of academic teachers and lecturers supports and guides the undergraduates in their intellectual growth. The students are educated in modern lecture rooms in the newly renovated historical building of Collegium Maius equipped with modern audiovisual technology and modern computer room with several stands. Our library and the reading room offer access to an extensive collection of Anglo-Saxon literature (more than 37 thousand volumes devoted to various aspects of culture and language of English speaking countries and 100 titles of journals and magazines devoted to teaching).



Our students can enroll in a student exchange programme Erasmus+ offered by Opole University, which allows for studying abroad for a semester or two, developing foreign language communication skills, learning about culture of a foreign country and gaining professional knowledge via a foreign language. Our partners are, among others, in Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Cyprus. Students can also participate in study visits connected with the study program and do their internship abroad. (more information available at www.erasmus.uni.opole.pl).



Undergraduates of English Philology finish their studies with strong communication skills in English in writing and speaking at C1 level and thus may seek employment requiring advanced command of English and, depending on their choices of elective courses, knowledge of culture of English-speaking countries, or knowledge of translation theory and practice, business settings or medical contexts, intermediate command of Spanish or Italian, pre-intermediate command of Chinese, knowledge of Spanish speaking countries, Italy, or China. Moreover, our students finish their studies with the ability to search for information in various sources, to analyze and synthesize information, and to work effectively both independently and in teams. They also understand the need to learn throughout life.  They are well prepared for a career in, for example:

  • translation and interpretation bureaus
  • public relations
  • publishing houses
  • advertising agencies
  • fundraising organizations
  • commercial, corporate or other business institutions
  • research institutes
  • many other fields that require advanced knowledge of English and liberal arts education.


The students interested in gaining teaching qualifications are advised to continue their MA studies with the Teacher Training Programme or enroll in additional teacher training post-graduate studies also offered by Opole University.